Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holidays, Feldmania, and other pursuits

I guess this is what I have been up to, instead of posting on this precious little blog.

It's been an odd 8 months or so, since I broke my arm. I have developed a relationship with guitar that ranges from love/hate, to completely indifferent. I guess I am having a crisis of faith, so to speak, with that humble six-stringed instrument which has swallowed up countless hours of my time for the past 12 years.

As much as I love my course, I think the guitar side of things there is the main cause of my frustration. As much as I love all of the subjects, and can see the value of them all, slight differences in outlook and taste seemed to have destroyed my motivation in some respects. Perhaps my shifting interest into twentieth century classical music has taken a little of my passion for the '50s bop we seemingly can't move past at our institute; Morton Feldman has definitely served to sway my interests considerably.

In this same time that I have been losing interest in guitar, I have only been gaining more interest in contemporary classical, which has then pushed guitar further out of my mind. Feldman, among others, has inspired me to take a particular interest in composition, which may lead to me pursuing that instead of performance, as far as any further study goes. There is something in his music that has slowly charmed me, and now holds me in captivity.

*  *  *

Spending all of my time thinking about and listening to music may have had an effect in this case, as it is quite easy to be overwhelmed. Over the past couple of months I have taken a keen interested in philosophy, and have been delving a little more deeply into literature. I think taking a step back from music will ultimately be a good thing, as more art in more shapes and forms could only be good. More films, more books, and more time spent thinking about other things. Who knows, all of this may help breathe new life into this lowly online document of my life.

OK, that's a tad too dramatic for my tastes, but you get the point.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Morton Feldman - Palais de Mari

This man has become increasingly important to me over the past 6 months or so. More on this and my current musical outlook later.