Monday, February 1, 2010


The last maybe nine days or so have been quite a strange run of events. Naturally, this strangeness has something to do with girls; of course them being weird, with their cooties and all. But really it's just been a week of me over-thinking certain things, giving way too much time to things that don't really matter and generally contemplating life's great questions, when I most definitely shouldn't be. Lots of thought have been going through my head lately that worry me to think that I was thinking it. I think.

Anyways what I do think, is that from now on life will start to be pretty damn cool, as I have enrolled in my music course and will be starting soon (hi-5s all round). Add to that the fact that I will get my drivers license soon (fingers crossed anyway) and shit will be sorted.

Enough of my thoughts, here is what I have been listening to a fair bit over this period of weirdness. It has some weirdness too - along with some ugliness, which I like. It's good stuff either way and has been a nice little soundtrack of my week.

One isn't enough? ......kay.

At least shit aint as weird as the dude in the previous post...


  1. It's not a blogspot if you don't complain about girls. You now have a blogspot.

  2. wow I never realised how unattractive they actually are. Good on them.