Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pharoah Sanders - Elevation

This man is just incredible.

Long, passionate jams, with tasteful wailing from the Pharoah, and of course a hell of a lot of percussion. The most important thing with these pieces is the energy behind them; you simply can't help being moved by them.

Seriously, just look at all that percussion (and everything else):

Personnel: John Blue: percussion; Joe Bonner: percussion, piano, harmonium, vocals, cowbell, wood flute; Sedatrius Brown: vocals; Michael Carvin: drums, vocals; Calvin Hill: bass, vocals, tamboura; Jimmy Hopps: percussion; Lawrence Killian: percussion, Conga, Vocals, bell tree; Kenneth Nash: percussion; Pharoah Sanders: flute, Percussion, soprano sax; tenor sax; vocals, bells, shaker; Michael White: violin.


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  1. you set the file to private! Love the album from what I've heard of it though.