Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Giacinto Scelsi - Natura Renovatur

Scelsi was a twentieth-century Italian composer, who went mostly unnoticed until a year or so before his death, and now his works are being recorded and performed with great enthusiasm. It's a sad world we live in.

Simply put, this is incredible. The actual piece "Natura Renovatur" is hauntingly beautiful, and definitely a favourite of mine. Also this is the 2006 ECM release.

Link is for FLAC, thanks to Chainsaw Fellatio.

Natura Renovatur


  1. wow-very sci fi-esque (?). although kind of cool because it's pretty different to probably anything i've listened to.

  2. this is the sort of thing you would find in a kubrick soundtrack - like 2001, so good call. something different is always a good experience ;)

  3. this is true! and it is something that people listening to top 40 hits kinda radio don't ever get to do.