Saturday, September 17, 2011

Klaus Lang - Trauermusiken

Young Austrian composer Lang sure knows how to force you to listen.

The two pieces found here, are comprised of slow, droning strings, and at times, silence; or better yet, emptiness. At such minimal volumes, your ears tend to play tricks on you, and it sure makes for an interesting listening experience. You have to crank up the volume, but it will always sound "quiet". I guess this steps into lowercase territory, with the use of extremely quiet sounds, but really you could just say it's the logical progression of minimalism toward the end of the twentieth-century.



  1. thanks for using my link with the utmost of permission.

    at least youre tapping into and attempting to share some of my favourite music

  2. Sorry man but I just used google to grab this link, if I can find it so can everybody else. I'm just pointing people towards it.

  3. i forgive thee for we all are sinners in the ice of gawd