Sunday, March 14, 2010

Long Awaited Return...

Fuck Optus, fuck Telstra, and fuck TPG.

Even though I am 'the internetz', my internet has been F-ed in the A recently. First we tried changing over to a different provider, which meant changing over our phone provider. Then one day our internet cut out and we thought "hey, the phone line must have changed, now we just need the internet provider to do their thing"... but alas, it was not that easy. Turns out it was just our modem dying, and our phone line still hasn't changed over, and will take another couple of weeks.

AND THEN, when we got internet working again, I couldn't access youtube or my blog page!

But, obviously I have sorted it out now, and I'm sure you are all frothing at the mouth in anticipation of what I will post next.

So I will post a few things today, and they will be awesome and such.

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