Monday, March 15, 2010


Fuck Avatar.

There, I said it. Man I'm sick of all these people heralding it as such a brilliant movie; it is barely watchable with it's horribly written, cliche-saturated, unoriginal story and dialogue. On top of that, the acting was nothing to write home about, and if all of the unintelligent simpletons who rave about this abortion of a blockbuster could tear their minds away from the pretty colours, they might just realise these glaring flaws also.

I may seem overly harsh, but whatever, I really didn't enjoy it. I am so glad it did not win best picture, the Oscars this year reassured me that there was hope in the world.

And the winner is...

The Hurt Locker

What's that? A war movie about characters, instead of big explosions or trying to push a political view? I know, hard to believe, but here it is, in all of it's glory; The Hurt Locker. By far and away the most deserving to win the best picture award, this movie is simply amazing. One of the most consistently tense films all the way through, The Hurt Locker keeps you on edge with both the bomb scenes, but also just with conversations between characters. Who would have thought the strongest point of a war movie would be it's dialogue and characters?

Something Avatar lacked.

Out of the other films nominated for best picture, I saw 4: Precious, An Education, Up In The Air, and Inglourious Basterds. All of these were great, especially Tarantino's Nazi slaughter-fest, and Precious. Precious is not exactly an easy movie to watch, with themes of obesity, teenage pregnancy, rape, and a uh... somewhat dysfunctional family life. However, it is a must see, and the performance of mother in one of the final scenes (which won her best supporting actress) is worth the watch alone.

So get out there and see The Hurt Locker if you haven't, and also the rest of these great films that completely outshine Fern Gully- I mean Avatar.

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