Sunday, August 7, 2011

On Wu-Tang Clan and Gigs

Saw Wu-Tang Clan last night, which is something I've dreamed of being able to say. It's quite strange seeing an artist of that kind of renown, that I have revered from an early age.

Needless to say, they were amazing.

And add that to the fact that I saw Del just a couple of weeks ago, and MF DOOM earlier this year, and that's basically 3/3 of my favourite hip hop artists (excluding of course Pharoahe Monch). Plus I've also seen Ulcerate, and Portal along with a whole bunch of other great bands at Evil Invaders... Deerhunter at Laneway festival... Tallest Man on Earth coming up, along with The Kronos Quartet....

Damn. It's been a good year.


  1. actually cannot wait to see tallest man. it will be such an incredible show. goosebumps for sure. also, by the end of the year, i'll be able to tick off the 3rd of my top 3 aswell! rad feeling, huh.

  2. total agreement. im just happy i didnt miss out on any of the good stuff this year!