Thursday, April 8, 2010

Have A Nice Life

This duo is something to behold.

Have A Nice Life blends a range of styles from doom, to shoegaze, to industrial, creating a sound which is both original and captivating. When I found their full length debut, Deathconsciousness, I was intrigued, and knew it was an album which would only grow on me in time... and boy did it grow on me.

Deathconsciousness is now one of my favourite albums, and I recommend this to anybody who likes music in general, because this is such a fantastic experience. The more time you give this album, the more rewarding each listen becomes.


Oh yeah, it also comes with a 74 page booklet to try and explain the conceptual backdrop. Intense.

Here's their other stuff:

Time Of Land (EP)
Voids (EP + demo)

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