Friday, April 30, 2010

NYC... pt II

Part two is here, and what is NY dominating this time around?

Death Metal.


One of the heavy hitters in death metal, and leaders of the NY scene, Incantation play a form of death metal that is uncompromisingly heavy. Often their songs feature contrasting tempos that range from breakneck pace, to doom style crush. Basically, they are a great band with some great albums.


Ok, I know Immolation are from Yonkers, but it's right around the corner from the Bronx so for the sake of this post they will fit under the general term NYC... 

Anyways, Immolation are an amazing band, producing some of my favourite death metal. Such a huge sound, some crazy rhythms, and fantastic drumming from Alex Hernandez (whilst he was in the band). Finely crafted songs, dense atmosphere... just get it already, fuck...


Often referenced as innovators of the brutal death sound, Suffocation were highly influential throughout the 90's and set the tone for much of what became modern death metal. They have the powerhouse drummer Mike Smith too, which is more than a plus.

...and that's New York for you. Hopefully I will make my way over there one day.

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