Thursday, April 15, 2010

Money Problems

Man I'm running pretty close to being broke, ever since I got a car and started paying for petrol. That and a more expensive phone plan (damn you iPhone!).

There's heaps of stuff I want to buy, like some more records (Jane Doe re-release, some GY!BE), and a record player set-up so I can actually listen to them. Also I need to have my guitar set-up which costs an outrageous price (to get it done well).

Although as I'm thinking "woe is me, and the $20 in my bank account", I can't help but feel like a spoilt brat in a developed nation, whining about not being able to afford the extravagant luxuries in life, whilst others not only in poor, war ridden countries, but in my own country, starve and go cold, struggling through everyday...

But fuck the poor, I need to build my pretentious vinyl collection for online credibility and a sense of self-importance.

1 comment:

  1. haaahahaha. if i didn't despise the term 'lol' so much it would be here in capitals. hang in there ryan and his pretentious vinyl collection!