Sunday, January 10, 2010

Japan and its Awesomeness... pt III

The Grand Finale!

OK, so I didn't take the photo above... but it has more to do with what I am writing than the other photos anyway.

Ahhhh, the Japanese woman. Cute, neat, polite, ridiculous hair, amazing piano skills... ok, maybe the last two only apply to the woman pictured above. And that woman is who now?


So what if her hair is crazy? She's awesome!

Hiromi Uehara is a Japanese pianist who plays quite an odd type of jazz with plenty of fusion influence. Some of it is pretty, some of it is crazy, but all of it is amazing. She would be one of my favourite artists, and possibly my favourite pianist (you know what, I've just decided that I will do a post about my favourite jazz pianists).

When Hiromi was 17, she met Chick Corea in Tokyo by chance, and actually had the chance to play with him. He asked her to come along to a show he was playing the next day, so she did. Then at the end of the show, he called her up on stage and they played together. She was 17. What.... the....

Two of my favourite videos ever:

I will marry her.

She just released a new solo album a couple of months ago, but it's only out in Japan so I have yet to get my hands on it. Here are the rest of her albums (they are all fantastic, especially the first three - which are the most recent)

Beyond Standard w/ Hiromi's Sonicbloom
Time Control w/ Hiromi's Sonicbloom

Duet w/ Chick Corea

(Hiromi's Sonicbloom is comprised of her usual three-piece band (herself, Tony Grey on bass and Martin Valihora on drums), but with Dave "Fuze" Fiuczynski on guitar also) friends say I have yellow fever. Whatever.

That is all for now from the magical land of Japan!


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