Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Another sweet band from Profound Lore.

Cobalt are a two-man black metal band from Colorado, and one of the members was (or is) a part of the US Army. Funnily enough, they play some war inspired metal, combining a whole bunch of influences. At times you can hear more progressive elements through the drumming and rhythms, which gives a very interesting feel, and definitely sets them apart from the black metal norm.

Another thing about these guys, is that they aren't really concerned with religion and the typical black metal image. This is what one of them had to say in an interview:

"I dont give two fucks about religion, the discussion of god/satan etc. What I am concerned with is not being spooky or even trying to be the worlds scariest guy. That shit is immature to me in some ways. If your ideology leads you to worship the dark side of life then do it, but dressing like a vampire and trying to present an aura of obscurity is childish to me. I have seen enough of the ugly side of life to recognize its true face, and its not that of a 18 year old kid talking about satan and dying his hair black. Its a burning old woman screaming in agony."

Dude speaks the truth.

Anyways, here is their latest stuff.

Eater Of Birds

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