Monday, May 10, 2010

Off Minor

Named after the Thelonious Monk tune, Off Minor are a New York based band born from the ashes of now legendary screamo band, Saetia. They combine chaos and beauty, much like the way Saetia did, although with better instrumentation and to a higher dynamic effect. The instrumentation is definitely something to talk about here, as the three of them are all quite talented, and flesh out the sound very well for just a three-piece. The bass lines are something which make a huge difference in this area I think. The Thelonious Monk influence is not lost either, as some of the softer moments have a hint of jazz to them.

Oh and they pretty much couldn't write a bad song if they tried.

Problematic Courtship
The Heat Death Of The Universe


  1. i was going to download one of these until i saw the bass players t-shirt

  2. yeah but he can play in 5, unlike you.

  3. p-wned
    i only have heat death, is that their best you reckon?

  4. yeah but the others are still great. check out some blood.