Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dillinger and Awesomeness

I am so sore right now.

Last night I saw Dillinger. It was kind of intense. And awesome.

Ok, seriously, Dillinger are just nuts. I thought Jacob Bannon from Converge had amazing stage presence, but literally all of the members of Dillinger were that crazy; they all demanded your attention. What's more is that they were pretty damn tight as well... and when you are playing the stuff they do, whilst jumping off things and thrashing your guitar/bass/mic stand around at every chance you get, that's no mean feat.

My hand got smashed by the Ben's guitar at one stage which hurts a hell of a lot right now, and I have quite a lot of bruising up my side from the barrier... but it was definitely worth it.

Here are some pictures from

(I'm the third from the right... just getting my point on with Greg)

There has just been too much awesomeness in the last few months, with this, Converge, and Ulcerate; three of my favourite bands, and my three favourite shows ever. It's been a good year for shows, to say the least.

There are some more photos from the show here.

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