Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Refused were a band from Sweden, who somewhat prophetically released an album titled The Shape Of Punk To Come (a reference to Ornette Coleman's The Shape Of Jazz To Come). Released in 1998, the band broke up shortly after, although the influence of the album was large and can be seen as a precursor to much of what we know as post-hardcore.

Even though I expected a little more greatness out of the album after seeing it hyped up a fair bit, it still delivers quality hardcore punk in spades, with some experimental tinges in there too. Bits of electronic and drum and bass influences are heard, and some interesting instrumentation here and there, along with the simple but effective riffs. One of the main things I like about this album is all of the rhythmic stuff they do, grooving a lot more than your typical hardcore band. Some good beats, and a strong rhythm section, make things a lot more interesting.

Anyways, even if some people call it overrated, or if you are sick of only hearing people hype it up so you avoid it, or whatever, it's still an essential listen.

The Shape Of Punk To Come

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